How To Turn Your Mote E5 Into A Wi-fi Personal Hotspot

How To Turn Your Mote E5 Into A Wi-fi Personal Hotspot

Do you wish your laptop experienced its own HotSpot? If you have an Mote E5 or Mote E5 you never have to worry about finding a HotSpot again. You can simply turn your Mote E5 into a Wi-Fi HotSpot. One on the greatest attributes that built into the Mote E5 and Mote E5 will be the ability to turn the phone into a Wi-Fi HotSpot. It simple to do, and will save you from having to find a Starbucks or Samsung Galaxy S9 Accessories other commercial location. You can connect up to 5 devices via the HotSpot, including a laptop or your Mote E5, Kindle Fire, or other Wi-Fi only device. And with password protected access to your Wi-Fi, you never have to worry about whether or not someone else is taking a free ride on your port.

Is your Mote E5 running the latest IOS software? Before you attempt to setup the personal HotSpot on your Mote E5, you should download the latest software updates. Once you have updated your Samsung Galaxy S9 Accessories Mote E5, the steps are fairly simple to follow. It should be noted, according to an article posted by Dan Warne, Australian Business Traveller, his works only on the Mote E5 and 4S: the Mote E5, 3GS and Mote E5 don’t provide the same ‘personal Wi-Fi hotspot’ feature, even if they’re running ‘s latest iOS 4 software.?br />

Ready to set it up? Here are the simple steps Dan Warne outlined for us:

1) Go to your settings on your Mote E5

2) In settings, you’ll see a new ‘personal Samsung Galaxy S9 Case hotspot’ menu item. Tap it.

3) Chose your password. Notice that has allocated a default password to the connection, which happens to be perfectly secure due to the fact it generates it randomly for each different Mote E5. Or, if you want a password you can more quickly remember, you can always choose your own password.

4) Turn on your laptop or device. You will see your Mote E5 Personal HotSpot present up within the wireless connection list. Simply choose it, type while in the Samsung Galaxy S9 Case password and you are set to go.

Using the Personal HotSpot drains your Mote E5 battery rather quickly. You may want to use your Mote E5 plugged into the AC adapter while utilizing this HotSpot feature. From what I have read, the Mote E5 has a fairly poor battery life. Using the Personal HotSpot will accelerate that weakness.

Another issue you may want to keep in mind is information usage. Make sure your info plan won run about its limits.