What Does Siri Look Like

What Does Siri Look Like

Ever wondered what your Siri assistant looks like? Shapeways, a New York start-up company held a contest asking their community for ideas on just what the virtual assistant might look like. The contest opened February 1st and ran thru February 20th. I was surprised by the winners, who were both creative and somewhat outlandish. But then, visualizing a virtual assistant does get a creative brain.

The first place went to two different designs. Sharing the top spot were Omniscient Siri by SaGa Style and design and Siri as Personal Assistant by @eddieadol (Eddie Adolph). Other winners include Siri as a superhero by @epicture, Siri as a wise by @InsaneGalvatron, Stressed Out Siri by @ChristiaFung, and Siri Bust by Edrice. I like the a single by Eddie Adolph and also the a single by Edrice. Which 1 is your favorite? You may view all of them at Shapeways Contest.

Omniscient Siri by SaGa Design is LG G7 Accessories both a 3D model of Siri plus a speakerphones to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. SaGa Style said this about their structure, ehind Siri’s all-knowing gaze, the glow from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen is visible through the sculpture, and the main buttons are still accessible even when the screen is obscured. The design and style, when placed over the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 forces the user to interact with Siri instead of tapping on the screen to engage commands.?br />

What is Siri? When came out with all the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 it included a new virtual assistant, nicknamed Siri. Siri is not new. It started its life as an experiment funded by DARPA, said to be the largest artificial intelligence project to date. It is based on the similar Nuance speak recognition technology as Dragon Naturally Speaking. bought Siri in April 2010 and then incorporated it into the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. According to a review by Charles White, Mashable Tech, ts integration into the Samsung LG G7 Accessories Galaxy Note 8 iOS 5 software makes it convenient to use. You press and hold the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Residence button, and it springs to daily life, sounding a short beep to signal for you to begin speaking. You may use it in this speakerphone mode, or if the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is turned on, you’ll be able to simply raise the handset to the ear (a necessity when riding in a noisy vehicle) and the telephone proximity sensor activates Siri, usually prompting you to begin speaking (inexplicably, sometimes it doesn respond).?This week Mercedes Benz announced it would be including Siri as part of its voice control systems. Although the first rollout of this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pairing is limited to the brand’s A-Class vehicles, Mercedes-Benz plans to introduce the integration in the B-, C- and E-Class vehicles starting this fall.

Would you like the new face of Siri? Would you have a better notion of what she looks like? Please share?