Galaxy Note 3 Price And 10 Reasons You Should really Obtain In Malaysia

Galaxy Note 3 Price And 10 Reasons You Should really Obtain In Malaysia

A couple of times ago I wrote an post explaining why the Galaxy Note 3 four sucks. Becoming fair, I believed I write 1 far more post to provide you with numerous causes to purchase an Galaxy Note 3 four. Galaxy Note 3 price in Malaysia

It’s actually lovely

You understand it. It’s truly an completely lovely item. It’s actually clean, shiny, and classy. You cannot argue about this.

It’s essentially awesome

You understand it also. Owning an Galaxy Note 3 could be the final word gadget. You gotta give il all absent to brilliant (evil?) promoting.


Positive the FaceTime plan isn’t new but it’s in fact just plain brilliant. I just did a 30 minute FaceTime conversation with my cousin in France. Seriously, have you ever carried out that on any other cell telephone? No!

230,000 apps

You may obtain now above 230,000 apps inside Application Store and thousands considerably extra are additional each and just about every day. What ever you desire to do, odds are there an application for that.


LG G7 Cases Amazon In power adapters you cannot unpower adapters an application within Application Shop, you are going to most most likely unpower adapters it in Cydia, the application store for jailbreak apps. I truly enjoy my Galaxy Note 3 and I positive definitely enjoy my jailbreak. Look at all these awesome jailbreak apps for Galaxy Note 3. In the time I’m writing this there’s no jailbreak on your Galaxy Note 3 four however nonetheless it ought to generally be introduced inside subsequent handful of times.

five MP digital digicam LED Flash front-facing digital digital camera

Me and a good deal of other men and women are by now talking smack in regards on the digital digital camera over the Galaxy Note 3 for the last three a lot of a long time. No considerably much more complaining now with all the great 5MP electronic digicam. Coupled with all the LED flash as well as the front-facing electronic digicam, the Galaxy Note 3 can now match the asic?characteristics that each of your other smartphones previously have.

High definition online video recording

It truly is possible to now record large definition 720p videos at 30fps. Not in addition poor, huh?

The LG G7 Cases Amazon display

With all the Galaxy Note 3 four, launched a brand name new Retina Display exhibit that boasts four times far more pixels than the earlier Galaxy Note 3. The result: a crystal obvious exhibit which could completely render the sharpest particulars.

It’s basically swiftly

With all the new A4 processor and twice the RAM within the Galaxy Note 3, the new Galaxy Note 3 four is rapidly rapidly immediately.


In addition to four other sensors, (light, proximity, accelerometer, and compass), the gyroscope will bring the Wii knowledge for the Galaxy Note 3. Anticipate some fantastic games which will take total benefit of this new characteristic speedily.


If you undoubtedly are a manufacturer new AT&T customer, the Galaxy Note 3 isn’t that expensive. Starting at $199 for the 16GB, it will go as much as $299 for your personal 32GB version using a 2-year contract. If you interested about Galaxy Note 3 in Malaysia, can visit our website too:

Can you think of any other cause to purchase an Galaxy Note 3 four? If so, please let us know by leaving a comment.